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About Services of Memories of Flowers

* Specially for Wedding & Homecoming Decorations.
* Floral Delight of Every Occasion, Birthdays, Anniversaries, & Your Loved Ones.
* Cake Structures, Birthday Cakes, Wedding Cakes & Wines.
* All Wedding and Floral Decoration in Best Quality.


|| Church Decor / Hotel Decor
|| Poruwa Decor / Settee Back
|| Oil Lamp Decor
|| Table Decor
|| Entrance Decor
|| Head Table Decor
|| Flower Bouquet / Baskets
|| Champagne Fountain (with Dry Ice)
|| Milk Pot Fountain (with Dry Ice)
|| Ashtaka / Jayamangala
|| Traditional Dancing Group
|| Welcome Song

Wedding Decoration

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Memories of Flowers
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